All about Blue whale game.

*Blue whale is not a GAME* Popularly famous now a days as blue whale game is a killing machine, where you with your own consciousness put yourself in danger. The only motive of this so called game is *CLEANING OF LIVE BIOLOGICAL WASTE* yes, this is whats inventor of this self-killing game thinks. Here biological … Continue reading All about Blue whale game.


List of  basic Input Devices, Output devices and  Both input–output devices  related to computer.

  Input Devices: a)      Graphics Tablets b)      Cameras c)      Video Capture Hardware d)     Trackballs e)      Barcode reader f)       Digital camera g)      Gamepad h)      Joystick i)        Keyboard j)        Microphone k)      MIDI keyboard l)        Mouse (pointing device) m)    Scanner n)      Webcam o)      Touchpads p)      Pen Input q)      Microphone r)       Electronic Whiteboard s) OMR t) OCR u) Punch … Continue reading List of  basic Input Devices, Output devices and  Both input–output devices  related to computer.

What is Flash ?

Flash, a popular authoring software developed by Macromedia, is used to create vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity in an antialiased, resizable file format that is small enough to stream across a normal modem connection. The software is ubiquitous on the Web, both because of its speed (vector-based … Continue reading What is Flash ?

What is Animation ?

Animation means giving life to any object in computer graphics. It has the power of injecting energy and emotions into the most seemingly inanimate objects. Computer-assisted animation and computer-generated animation are two categories of computer animation. It can be presented via film or video. The basic idea behind animation is to play back the recorded … Continue reading What is Animation ?

What is CRT ?

The primary output device in a graphical system is the video monitor. The main element of a video monitor is the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), shown in the following illustration. The operation of CRT is very simple − The electron gun emits a beam of electrons (cathode rays). The electron beam passes through focusing and … Continue reading What is CRT ?

What is TCP/IP ?

A majority of the internet uses a protocol suite called the Internet Protocol Suite also known as the TCP/IP protocol suite. This suite is a combination of protocols which encompasses a number of different protocols for different purpose and need. Because the two major protocols in this suites are TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP … Continue reading What is TCP/IP ?

What is Network Management ?

Network management refers to the broad subject of managing computer networks. There exists a wide variety of software and hardware products that help network system administrators manage a network. Network management covers a wide area, including: Security: Ensuring that the network is protected from unauthorized users. Performance: Eliminating bottlenecks in the network. Reliability: Making sure … Continue reading What is Network Management ?

What is cryptography ?

A cryptosystem is an implementation of cryptographic techniques and their accompanying infrastructure to provide information security services. A cryptosystem is also referred to as a cipher system. Let us discuss a simple model of a cryptosystem that provides confidentiality to the information being transmitted. This basic model is depicted in the illustration below − The … Continue reading What is cryptography ?