What is various types of application in Computer Graphics?

To display a picture of any size on a computer screen is a difficult process. Computer graphics are used to simplify this process. Various algorithms and techniques are used to generate graphics in computers.

Computer Graphics has numerous applications, some of which are listed below −

  • Computer graphics user interfaces (GUIs) − A graphic, mouse-oriented paradigm which allows the user to interact with a computer.
  • Business presentation graphics − “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
  • Cartography − Drawing maps.
  • Weather Maps − Real-time mapping, symbolic representations.
  • Satellite Imaging − Geodesic images.
  • Photo Enhancement − Sharpening blurred photos.
  • Medical imaging − MRIs, CAT scans, etc. – Non-invasive internal examination.
  • Engineering drawings − mechanical, electrical, civil, etc. – Replacing the blueprints of the past.
  • Typography − The use of character images in publishing – replacing the hard type of the past.
  • Architecture − Construction plans, exterior sketches – replacing the blueprints and hand drawings of the past.
  • Art − Computers provide a new medium for artists.
  • Training − Flight simulators, computer aided instruction, etc.
  • Entertainment − Movies and games.
  • Simulation and modeling − Replacing physical modeling and enactments

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