What is Attacks and explain its type.

In the present era, not only business but almost all the aspects of human life are driven by information. Hence, it has become imperative to protect useful information from malicious activities such as attacks. Let us consider the types of attacks to which information is typically subjected to.

Attacks are typically categorized based on the action performed by the attacker. An attack, thus, can be passive or active.

Passive Attacks

The main goal of a passive attack is to obtain unauthorized access to the information. For example, actions such as intercepting and eavesdropping on the communication channel can be regarded as passive attack.

These actions are passive in nature, as they neither affect information nor disrupt the communication channel. A passive attack is often seen as stealing information. The only difference in stealing physical goods and stealing information is that theft of data still leaves the owner in possession of that data. Passive information attack is thus more dangerous than stealing of goods, as information theft may go unnoticed by the owner.

Passive Attacks

Active Attacks

An active attack involves changing the information in some way by conducting some process on the information. For example,

  • Modifying the information in an unauthorized manner.
  • Initiating unintended or unauthorized transmission of information.
  • Alteration of authentication data such as originator name or timestamp associated with information
  • Unauthorized deletion of data.
  • Denial of access to information for legitimate users (denial of service).

Active Attacks

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