Any Facebook Profile Public Information In One Click.

Stalkscan is a free online service that enables you to look up any Facebook user’s public information using Facebook’s own APIs.

Facebook removed, changed, and improved privacy controls several times over the last decade. Right now, information is divided into visibility groups. These groups are: only me, friends, friends of friends, and public.

Public means that anyone may view the information. Since it is relatively easy to make public posts, or have friends expose posts, images or other content to the public, it is highly suggested to be very careful before posting anything on Facebook.

Stalkscan, a service with a rather creepy name, may be used to look up all publicly available information of any Facebook user. At least some of the data is not accessible directly on Facebook, for instance when you open a user’s profile on the social networking site.

Simply enter the URL of a Facebook’s user profile on Stalkscan, and hit the Enter-key afterwards. The service loads the public information, and displays them sorted by groups and type on the same page.