Various type of Operators!

Arithmetic Operators : All the basic arithmetic operations can be carried out in C++. All the operators have almost the same meaning as in other languages. Both unary and binary operations are available in C++ language. Unary operations operate on a singe operand, therefore the number 5 when operated by unary – will have the value –5. 

Relational Operators : Often it is required to compare the relationship between operands and bring out a decision and program accordingly. This is when the relational operator come into picture. C++ supports the following relational operators. 

Assignment Operators : The Assignment Operator evaluates an expression on the right of the expression and substitutes it to the value or variable on the left of the expression.

Example :

x = a + b

Logical Operators : C++ has the following logical operators, they compare or evaluate logical and relational expressions.

Increment Operators :The increment operator ++ adds 1 to its operand.

Decrement Operators : Decrement operator — subtracts 1 from its operand.

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